Friday, April 8, 2011

Boris Kodjoe Update

here is  an update on my Boris Kodjoe sculpt

Skin pores in zbrush

Another great tutorial on youtube for zbrush.  In this quick tutorial they show how to create skin pores for your characters in zbrush.  Using the surface tool  and the smooth peck brush you can create some nice pores.  For characters that have stubble detail you can mask areas that you want the stubble to show up.  Great simple tutorial short and to the point.

Boris Kodjoe Zbrush sculpt

Right now I"m working on Boris Kodjoe head I have posted the progress on the zbrush central forum and now I'm posting it here.  I stared off in 3ds max with a creating a poly mesh of the basic shape and features of his head then  I brought it into zbrush. I'm still working on some proportion issues.  Then I'll be working on the details I might have to do that later this is for a school project with little time left so I might have to hold of.  I also posted some cloths but those might also be changing so bare with me.   I'm doing for an urban uncharted 2 look so I'm open to suggestions let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

zbrush tutorials on youtube

I was just going through youtube today finding tutorials on zbrush and decided to link them here there where a couple of things that I didn't now.  Like the make 3d tool If I would have know that Life could have been much easier!